At Euro Logik, we service the listed models:

  • Cooper
  • Cooper Clubman
  • Countryman
  • Roadster
  • Classic MINI models


MINI is a British auto marque established in 1969, claimed by German car organization BMW starting around 2000, and utilized by them for a scope of tiny vehicles.

The word mini was used in vehicle models around 1959 and 1969, which later changed into marque, smaller than normal. Mini was claimed among other brands around 1994 and was purchased by the rover group.

The British motor corporation designed minis, also called BMC which later in 1966 changed into British motor holdings.

Mini models have an edition of the following series: Morris Mini-Minor and the Austin Seven, the Countryman, Moke, 1275GT, and Clubman. Performance variants of these models utilized the name Cooper because of an association with hustling legend John Cooper. The first Mini proceeded underway until 2000.

How does MINI do in crash tests?

From 2011 till 2013, mini has been the first choice because of its safety as the owners have ensured the major safety of the car in crash situations. For rooftop strength and front, side, rollover, and back sway insurance, it procured “Great” appraisals. The IIHS likewise recognizes the significance of electronic dependability control, which comes standard on each short, as an essential wellbeing highlight. Mini has become a reliable car for so many people who want to opt for an electric car.

How Does MINI deal with outrageous climate situations?

The designers at MINI have performed street tests on all vehicles under the cruelest conditions, making them everlasting and durable in every worse condition. Chilly climate testing is done in the colder time of year in the Arctic Circle in Finland. Passing Valley is the aloof host of MINI’s outrageous blistering climate tests.

Are largely MINI models accessible with programmed transmissions?

Yes, mini models are easily accessible with programmed transmissions.

Which models come in all-wheel drive?

However, not the norm; the Countryman and Paceman are accessible with ALL4, MINI’s all-wheel-drive framework. Then again, the Cooper and Cooper S are just presented in front-wheel drive.

What is the maximum speed of a MINI car?

The speed of the mini car ranges on the high side of the John Cooper work at 153 mph to the Cooper Countryman program, however not overwhelming, 113 mph.

Would I be able to get the MINI One in the US?

There is next to no interest for the most un-amazing MINI contribution, the One. With just 90 hp, the vehicle has less force than even the littlest, most cheap vehicles promoted in the US. The One is serious in Europe where fuel costs are three times higher and driving paces are lower.

Is the current MINI greater than the Classic MINI?

The exemplary Minis were around 12 inches smaller and two feet more limited than the current MINI Cooper, a little more than 12 feet in length. The MINI Clubman is about 9 inches longer, estimating 12’11” long.

Am I excessively tall for a MINI?

MINIs have been intended to oblige individuals that are up to 6’7″ tall.

Would you be able to overlap the back seats down?

Indeed. The back seats of the Cooper overlap down and are divided into equal parts. The Countryman and Paceman back seats likewise overlay down and have a 60/40 split.

What is the fuel limit?

The fuel limit of mini copper is around13.2 gallons. And the fuel limit of the Countryman and Paceman is 12.4 gallons.

Where are MINIs assembled?

In England, the home assembling office has been at a similar site for more than 100 years in Oxford, England. A few MINI vehicles are gathered in Born, Netherlands, and Graz, Austria.

Would I be able to import a European model?

Because of US details, you can’t import another MINI.

Would I be able to get European Delivery of my MINI?

Now, you can’t get your MINI intended for the US market in England. However, the carmaker is dealing with organizing a European conveyance program.

What is the contrast between an exemplary Mini and a MINI?

The Mini is the exemplary variant of the vehicle. Small is the brand name of the current arrangement of cars.

Were Classic Minis sold in America?

Indeed. BMC sold Minis in the US from 1960 to 1967. Because of new wellbeing and emanations guidelines, the organization decided to leave the market in 1968. Scaled-down, presently possessed by BMW, got back to America in its refreshed structure in 2002.

Where can I find information about test driving a mini?

The best thing is to contact your favored MINI Dealer. To observe more data about approved MINI Dealers in your space, go to the “Track down a Dealer” segment under SHOPPING TOOLS in the primary route.

Where can I buy a mini?

There are, as of now, more than 100 US MINI vendors. They’re found fundamentally in significant metros, and others chose urban areas, and we keep on opening new showrooms constantly. To track down more data about MINI vendors in your space or new ones that will open soon.

When will the new mini models be released?

We regularly declare our new model year MINIs in the late spring. Then, at that point, they go into creation on the mechanical production systems in the late summer and are accessible at your favored MINI Dealer in October. Notwithstanding, we’ll here and there discharge an exceptional model update or unique MINI at different seasons. You can stay up with the latest on new MINI models and delivery dates.


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