Porsche: The Definition of Luxurious Reliability


At Euro Logik, we understand how much a luxury car purchase means to you. Spending such an impressive amount of money on a luxury vehicle means it needs to be dependable. Porsche has shown an impressive understanding of luxury, comfort, and dependability for decades. In 2017, the J.D. Dependability Study announced that Porsche is the most reliable luxury vehicle manufacture out there. With so many other big-name manufactures to choose from, how does Porsche manage to stay above the rest?

Master Engineer
The founder of Porsche, Ferdinand Porsche, had designed one of the most successful cars of all time (The Beetle) before owning his own company. After working for numerous vehicle manufactures, Ferdinand combined his ingenuity and experience to design air-cooled, rear-engined sports vehicles. His son Ferry continued his father’s legacy through his shared love for sports cars, promising to never compromise quality for the price. When a client chooses to purchase a Porsche, they are able to do so knowing their new vehicle is backed by decades of cutting edge technology, comfort, and reliability.

Committed to Quality
Since the beginning, Porsche has been committed to providing the best possible product to its consumers. Over 70 percent of all Porsche models can still be found cruising the roadways decades after production. Safety, collision, and performance tests are conducted on every vehicle to ensure they reach the highest possible standards. Newer models are constantly updated with the latest features that offer added protection for the driver, while the company continues to make strides towards an improved eco-friendly model. Thanks to limited production, Porsche is able to take the time to fine-tune and inspect their vehicles before selling. Compromising on quality is not an option for Porsche, as this manufacturer has an impressive legacy to uphold.

Warranty and Pre-Owned Program
Porsche offers an incredible warranty that covers each purchase for 4 years or 50,000 miles. An additional 2-year warranty is included for all genuine Porsche parts, along with a 12-year warranty against body shell concerns. The “Porsche Approved Program” certifies any pre-owned model under 8 years old with less than 10,000 miles that successfully pass a 111-point inspection process. This program includes a 2-year unlimited miles warranty that will cover the repair of genuine Porsche parts, extending their commitment to excellence. If you own a Porsche or any other European luxury sports vehicle, Euro Logik is a premier independent automotive service provider for all of your maintenance and repair needs. With over 40 years of dedicated service, you can rest easily knowing your high-end luxury vehicle is in the hands of exceptional, qualified mechanics.

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