BMW manufactures some of the most amazing cars found on the road today. However, they do require upkeep and problems do arise. That’s what we’re here for!

They look good, handle well and they are built with quality and durability in mind. When buying a new BMW, you are provided with a 4 year/50k mile warranty which also includes maintenance. This is great and can save you a lot of money and provide peace of mind. However, once the factory warranty is over, you are on your own.

Whether you have an aftermarket warranty or not, you have the option to have your vehicle serviced and repaired anywhere you choose. Independent facilities like ours not only provide more reasonable rates, but we also like to get to know our customers and establish relationships with them and their vehicles.

BMWs are reliable vehicles. Sure, some may have had bad experiences and say otherwise, but statistically speaking, the numbers point to overall positive ratings and reviews. You’ll find many BMW owners say they refuse to own any other brand.

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Here are the common repairs we see for Audi owners from the Houston area:

Engine / Transmission Issues:

  • Computer (aka ECU or DME) requiring a reset, re-alignment or replacement
  • Ignition modules requiring replacement
  • Clutch replacement
  • Injector replacement
  • VANOS issues
  • Oil leaks

Hardware Issues:

  • Window regulators
  • Door locks
  • Cracked windshields
  • A/C blower motor going bad
  • Suspension rattles and knocks

Electrical Problems:

  • Windshield wiper malfunction
  • Strange errors on instrument cluster
  • Intermittent errors

Whether you need one or more of the issues above addressed or you have a different problem altoghter, you can count on us to help get your BMW running like it’s supposed to.


What is BMW an abbreviation for?

BMW is an abbreviation for Bavarian Motor Works.

Where is the BMW headquarters?

The BMW headquarters is located in München, Germany.

When did the notorious Kidney Grille show up on a BMW?

The notable Kidney Grille was first highlighted on the BMW 303.

When was the BMW Roundel sent off?

On July 21st, 1917, Rapp-Motorenwerke was renamed to Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH, and the BMW Roundel was conceived. From that point forward, all versions of BMW cars have displayed this iconic symbol of honor.

When did BMW present their most memorable bike?

Created in the planning phase in 1922, the primary BMW R32 cruiser created an uproar when disclosed at the Berlin Exhibition in 1923. Chief Engineer Max Fritz situated the level twin motor transversely in a twofold cylinder outline to further develop air cooling and showcase the wheel’s drive shaft.

When did BMW AG Produce a memorable auto?

A year after BMW AG purchased the Eisenach vehicle plant, the organization created the Dixi, which turned out to be incredibly memorable.

Which model led BMW to its lasting success and longevity?

BMW further fostered its contributions to game cars when it presented the initial two-entryway models in 1966. After two years, the bigger 2.0-litre four-chamber motor was fitted to this lightweight vehicle, and 2002 was conceived. 2002 is in many cases credited as the model which set BMW up for life in the U.S.

When did BMW come to the United States?

The first BMW plant in the United States was in Spartanburg, South Carolina. In March 1996, the BMW Z3 was introduced in the United States.

What's the story behind the BMW logo?

The company’s home territory of Bavaria was additionally to be addressed on its logo, and the quarters of the inward circle on the BMW identification show the state shades of the State of Bavaria – white and blue. The colors are reversed on the logo due to regulations at the time that restricted the use of state emblems on business logos.

When did BMW send off their M division?

During the eighties, BMW sent off its M (Motorsport) Division, which made superior execution renditions of BMWs street vehicles. The first M5 was then given the E28 assigned 5 Series. The M Division then proceeded to make the incredible E30 M3, renowned for its excellent driving elements.

What is the Hofmeister Kink?

The Hofmeister Kink is a little internal wrinkle at the foundation of the C-Pillar. As the C-Pillar slants back towards the vehicle’s storage compartment, just before it would regularly end, it wrinkles back backwards. Named after BMW plan chief Wilhelm Hofmeister, the popular Kink initially appeared on the 1961 BMW 1500, which was essential for the “Neue Klasse” of BMW vehicles.

Which BMWs have three columns?

The BMW X7 highlights standard three-column seating for up to seven travelers. The BMW X5 has a discretionary third column too.


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