At Euro Logik, we service the listed models:

  • C30
  • C70
  • S40
  • S60
  • S80
  • S90
  • V50
  • V60
  • V70
  • V90
  • XC40
  • XC60
  • XC70
  • XC90
  • Classic Volvo models


Volvo car vehicles is a Swedish automobile company that offers the most luxurious vehicles. The company of Volvo is known for its SUVs, station wagons, sedans, compact executive sedans, and hatchbacks.
Besides the indispensably European vehicle creation plants in Gothenburg (Sweden) and Ghent (Belgium), Volvo cars have since the 1930s made engines in Skövde (Sweden). Production of body parts was arranged in Olofström (Sweden) beginning around 1969.

The association additionally works gathering plants in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Bengaluru (India), similarly as inventive work natural surroundings in Shanghai, Stockholm, Lund (both Sweden), and Sunnyvale (USA). Volvo Cars, in like manner, has arrangement centers in Gothenburg, Camarillo (USA), and Shanghai. Following are some of the FAQs most frequently asked by users interested in Volvo membership offers.

What occurs on the off chance that I move out of state?

You will tell us of your location change, and we will mail you your new protection cards. We will furnish you with the necessary documentation for you to enlist the vehicle at your neighborhood DMV. Shockingly, we can’t give protection cards in states where Care by Volvo isn’t advertised.

What occurs in case of a breakdown?

Client Care will uphold you with day in and day out emergency aides.

What occurs toward the finish of my membership period?

Toward the finish of your membership period, you should return the vehicle to an approved Volvo retailer. You will get the last bill for any overabundance mileage over your 1,250 miles/month recompense and unreasonable wear per the vehicle condition report over the $1,000 waiver. Moreover, a Vehicle Turn-in expense of $350 is material except if you choose to sign another agreement to buy in, rent, or money another Volvo around then.

What do I have to join?

You must have a valid US driver’s permit and at least a long-term long-haul record of loan repayment.

What is a Care by Volvo membership?

Care by Volvo is an adaptable membership rent program with a comprehensive, regularly scheduled installment. This installment incorporates vehicle use, upkeep, and other standard administrations identified with vehicle proprietorship. Volvo additionally deals with protection inclusion.

What is the contrast between a Care by Volvo membership and a conventional vehicle rent?

At the point when you rent a vehicle, you’re contracted for a more drawn-out time frame period, commonly three years. With Care by Volvo, you don’t have a similar long haul responsibility, as you can drop your membership and return the vehicle any time after your fifth booked installment (for contracts went into Illinois, you’re permitted to drop it the following year).

What is incorporated with Care by Volvo?

  • 1,250 miles/month
  • Protection inclusion
  • Production line Scheduled Maintenance
  • Overabundance Wear Protection
  • Street Hazard Tire and Wheel Protection

What is remembered for the upkeep?

With your Care by Volvo membership, we incorporate the industrial facility planned support administrations suggested for your Volvo (as indicated by your Warranty and Maintenance booklet) with each 10,000-mile span, at no charge. This additionally incorporates the wear things: substitution wiper edges, brake cushions, and rotors.

What is Excess Wear Protection?

At the point when your vehicle is returned, it will be dependent upon assessment by an outsider. With Care by Volvo, we will forgo up to $1,000 of overabundance wear on the condition report. Instances of overabundance wear incorporate huge marks and dings to bodyboards, windshield harm, and tire substitution because of wear, scratched, gouged haggles harm.

How does Road Hazard Tire and Wheel Protection work?

With Care by Volvo, we fix or displace limitless tires and wheels harmed by street dangers, which remember garbage for the street or street conditions like potholes. The wheel is covered when it can’t be adjusted or won’t hold air. Ordinary street attributes, like controls, are not viewed as street dangers.

What might be said about assessments and enrollment expenses?

Charges and enlistment expenses change by state and are excluded from the membership cost shown on the web. Your regularly scheduled installment, including assessments and expenses, will be summed up to you before continuing.

In light of your condition of the home, the enrollment charge may be paid independently. Likewise, you may be needed to produce a yearly recharging enlistment expense that won’t be remembered for your regularly scheduled installment.

Would I be able to buy extra mileage with Care by Volvo?

The Care by Volvo membership incorporates an allocation of 1,250 miles each month. Sadly, we don’t offer extra mileage to be bought with Care by Volvo right now. If you run over the 1,250 miles each month designation, you will be charged an additional $.25 per mile when you turn in your Volvo.

Who can prefer Care by Volvo?

A Care by Volvo membership is for individual and family use and not as an item for business use.

Would I be able to drop my membership early?

You can drop your membership any time after your fifth booked installment without causing any early-end charges. Agreements that went into the territory of Illinois will be qualified for annulment following a year. This undoing choice applies to any new memberships beginning October 21, 2020.

Would I be able to change my Volvo vehicle to one more model before finishing the two-year term?

Care by Volvo is an adaptable membership program. As long as you meet the required period for the undoing choice, it is not difficult to return your vehicle and once again fit the bill for another vehicle conveyance. We encourage you to contact Customer Care to start your solicitation for another car.

Would I be able to take my vehicle outside of the United States?

Indeed, you can drive your vehicle in Canada for 30 days or less.


Cars play a susceptible and emotional part in the individual’s life, especially if you are a car geek, then sentimental value rises twice the time. Suppose you are looking for exceptional service for your car and want to cherish the most experienced time of your lives while making it long-lasting. In that case, Euro Logik is here for your benefit while providing excellent service for your vehicles.

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