Are you starting to have strange electrical issues on your European car? In modern cars, low voltage signals can do a number on the multitude of system modules that are required to operate your vehicle. Before you vehicle leaves you stranded, it will give off lots of signals for a failing battery. Some vehicles have a starting (auxiliary) battery in addition to a main battery. Be sure to have your batteries tested and replaced early on to avoid issues. Most batteries last 3 to 5 years.

We are proud resellers of Optima, Die Hard, Continental, BOSCH, Varta, Exide and OEM batteries. We sell both acid and AGM (gel) batteries for whatever application is required by your manufacturer.

Installation costs for batteries vary because modern cars require a “learn in” process after replacement. We are running the following battery specials using fantastic top shelf batteries made in the USA.

DIE HARD GROUP 47 AGM BATTERY: $379.99 Installed/Programmed

DIE HARD GROUP 48 AGM BATTERY: $389.99 Installed/Programmed

DIE HARD GROUP 94R AGM BATTERY: $389.99 Installed/Programmed

DIE HARD GROUP 49 AGM BATTERY: $389.99 Installed/Programmed

EXIDE GROUP 49 AGM BATTERY: $439.99 Installed/Programmed

For those seeing a Mercedes auxiliary battery error on their screen or display, we have specials for those as well:

Mercedes S-Class Starter Battery: $349.99 installed

Mercedes ML / GL / GLE / GLS Classes: $199.99 installed

Mercedes C / CLS / GLC / E Classes: $279.99 installed

Looking for Battery Replacement in Katy, TX?

Euro Logik is a European automotive repair and service center located in the heart of Katy, Texas. Troy Adams is the managing partner and a master technician with over 25 years of experience in the automotive service, repair and performance industry.


We are experts in European automotive battery replacement in Katy, TX

How do i know my car needs battery replacement?

Some sympthoms are: Slow engine start-up, Dim lights and electrical issues, Check engine light is on, Bad smell, Corroded connectors, Misshapen battery case and if your battery has between 3 to 5 years it’s time to check it or replace it.