Coolant Flush Special

As most vehicle owners know, the engine cooling system is a vital component of the overall drive-ability of the car. Just like there are recommended services for motor oil, it is recommended that the cooling system be cleaned, drained and re-filled every 40,000 miles and sooner if the system is contaminated.

Our coolant flush special entails adding Liqui Moly’s Radiator Cleaner additive to your coolant, running the vehicle for several minutes and then draining the coolant. This cleanses the entire system including the radiator, heater valve, heater core, coolant reservoir and all of the hoses coolant runs through. Then, we will refill the coolant with the manufacture specified coolant for your make/model of vehicle.

Our current special for this service is priced at $189.99 for most non-exotic vehicles. For the BMW E90 / E92 / E93, our coolant flush special is $279.99.