Houston has a thriving car scene and people in and around town have nice cars and like to keep them looking and running well. Due to the condition of some of our roads and driveways, it is inevitable that drivers will scrape the underside of their bumpers from time to time. It is common for owners of exotic vehicles to add some form of bumper scrape guard under their front bumpers. In the past, this was a costly endeavor. However, now, a company called SLiPLO has come up with a polyurethane solution which is universal and can be custom-installed for any vehicle application. Best of all, it is affordable!

According to Dr. Scrape of SLiPLO, “polyurethane is one of the toughest and most resilient materials known to mankind.” It is “the perfect blend of high impact absorption, tear strength, abrasive resistance, and hydrophobic properties.”

Euro Logik is an authorized installer for the SLiPLO Universal Bumper Skid Plate for Katy, Houston and surround areas. We are currently running the specials below to install these bumper guards on your vehicle. We will lift your vehicle, prepare the surface with an adhesion promoter and then install the kit in areas where scrapes happen the most. All of this can be done in about an hour.

SLiPLO Bumper Skid Plate / Scrape Guard Installation Specials:

Installation Only (you purchase the kit and bring to us): $149.99

General Vehicles (parts and labor included): $249.99

Exotic Vehicles (parts and labor included): $349.99

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